CareNet Pregnancy Center of Indian River County
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Monday, September 25th, 2017

For Men


Sometimes men are the forgotten partners during a crisis pregnancy.  We believe it is important for both men and women to embrace their choices through careful evaluation of the facts.  For this reason, we welcome men to take part in free counseling sessions and to receive information concerning their options.  All services provided to both men and women are completely confidential and all clients are treated equally with compassion and respect.  Because Care Net recognizes each individual’s situation is unique, our staff and volunteers are committed and equipped to meet your particular needs.


Post-Abortion Healing

Care Net Pregnancy Center offers post-abortion counseling for men as well as for women.


As with all of our services, this counseling is free and confidential.  If you are a man who has been hurt by abortion, there is hope and there is healing.  Please call Care Net for further information.

Research suggests it is not uncommon for men to experience a profound sense of loss following their partner’s abortion.  The most common problems associated with post-abortion men include the following: anger, helplessness, guilt, relationship problems, and grief. Given the magnitude of their loss, it is normal for men to struggle with these problems and emotions.

Also, it is not uncommon for men to repress their own negative emotions as they try to be a strong support for their partners. This may make it more difficult for men to recognize and deal with their painful emotions. However, if such feelings are not resolved, they may lead to more serious consequences such as clinical depression or an inability to maintain healthy relationships.







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