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Monday, September 25th, 2017

Sexual Integrity

Care Net Sexual Integrity Educators

In a world in which young people are bombarded with conflicting messages, teenagers are constantly seeking answers. Care Net Sexual Integrity Educators desires to help teens and young adults find those answers. We understand that young people face all kinds of issues from sex, drugs and alcohol, to relationships, dating and peer-pressure. Our goal is to help young people make wise and educated decisions now, knowing that it will affect and determine their future.

What we offer: 

When Care Net Sexual Integrity Educators is invited to speak at your school, church or organization, there are a variety of different presentations and topics to choose from.

Living Life on Purpose

Students clearly asses life direction in light of current decisions and future goals. This presentation helps them understand that the decisions they make today, will profoundly affect their future. This presentation is one hour long.

Peer Pressure

Students are empowered to be able to resist negative pressures that lead to unhealthy choices. This presentation is one hour long.

Influence of the Media

Students learn how the media oftentimes affects the decisions we make. They learn how to guard what they see, hear, watch and say, knowing that it influences their behavior. This presentation is one hour long.

Friendships Relationships and Dating

Students learn how important it is to develop good, healthy friendships first, before moving into a dating relationship. Knowing how to set boundaries in relationships is vital to making wise choices. They also learn about the qualities to look for in a relationship, as well as warning signs in a possible unhealthy relationship. This presentation is one hour long.

Sexual Integrity and Consequences of Premarital Sex

This presentation builds upon the principle that sexual abstinence until marriage is the expected standard and healthiest choice. Students learn about the emotional, physical and mental consequences of premarital sex such as sexually transmitted diseases, out-of-wedlock childbearing and emotional pain. This presentation can be one hour long, or broken up into two, one hour presentations in order to give the most information possible.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Engaging in sexual activity puts one at risk of contracting over 30 different STD's. Students learn about these risks, different diseases and their consequences. This presentation is one hour long. 

Gateway Drugs

Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana are called the "gateway drugs." Students learn how engaging in these substances puts them at risk of getting involved in more dangerous substances. They learn about these risks as well as the consequences. This presentation is one hour long.


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